Posted by: Freeman | September 22, 2009

“Harrison Bergeron”

Friday and Monday, we read the short story “Harrison Bergeron” in class. You can find this story at

Today, we answered some questions. Here they are:

Assignment title: “HB” p. 27 & 28

Part One: Literary Analysis

The theme of a story is the central message. It expresses an attitude or insight into life or human nature. To identify the theme of a story, you must draw inferences from clues.

(Here’s what to do) Look back through the story. List phrases, sentences, or events that provide clues to the theme. Pay attention to the relationship between the phrases Vonnegut (the author) uses and the events he writes about. Then write a sentence stating the theme in your own words.

Part Two: Extended Interpretations

6. What if? Imagine that Diana Moon Glampers had missed and that Harrison and the ballerina escaped. How might the story’s plot have changed?

7. Connect to Life. The United States has often been called the land of opportunity. This suggests that individuals are free to pursue their dreams to the best of their abilities, which may differ greatly. At the same time, our Declaration of Independence states that all people are created equal. In what ways is there a tension between equality and opportunity in our nation today?

Glampers’s Report: In order to satisfy her superiors, Diana Moon Glampers must make a complete report of events that led her to shoot Harrison. Write the official report. Explain events from her point ov view. Include her rationale for her extreme action.

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